Which is better, disposable paper cup or disposable plastic cup?

2020-05-19 18:35:52 lihaigang 2

Disposable cup has become one of the essential supplies in daily life. People often contact disposable cup to meet the needs of daily life. Disposable cups can be divided into paper cups and plastic cups according to different materials.

Disposable plastic cup,paper cup,pp cup,PET cup,PLA cup,lid

Disposable plastic cup,paper cup,pp cup,PET cup,PLA cup,lid

Once upon a time, plastic cups were all the rage. In recent years, paper cups have become more and more popular. The comparison between paper cups and plastic cups is one of the advantages and disadvantages

There are always disputes. In this case, the paper cup manufacturer will analyze one or two for you. After reading the following analysis, I believe you know how to choose.

The raw materials of paper cup are: food grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film; easy to degrade.

Plastic cup raw material: polypropylene is also called PP material, long-term use temperature - 20 ~ 120 ℃. Notice that when it's over sixty degrees, the body of the cup is too thin and easy to burn.

Paper cups are divided into cold cups, hot cups and yogurt cups according to their uses. Cold drink cup, as the name implies, is a paper cup that can hold cold drinks. Cold drinks have a feature that needs to be frozen or refrigerated, and the safe use temperature is 0 ℃ - 5 ℃. It is decided that the paper cup can be waterproof as a whole. Therefore, the body of the cold drink cup is made of food grade wood pulp paper + PE film on the inner and outer surfaces. This can effectively prevent wood pulp, paper because of contact with water and loss of the original stiffness and toughness.

Plastic cup is generally used in beverage shop, hot and cold drink shop, milk tea shop, hotel, restaurant and coffee shop, providing all kinds of plastic cup drinks and on-site use.

Since 2012, the new national standard has been implemented in paper cup production, which means that no pattern can be printed within 15 mm from the cup mouth to the cup body and within 10 mm from the cup bottom to the cup body. The paper cup is made of environmental protection raw materials, and the environmental protection ink is used in production. The implementation of this new national standard has strengthened the production of paper cup manufacturers, protected the rights and interests of consumers and guaranteed the rights and interests of regular paper cup manufacturers; for businesses, disposable paper cups can also be used as advertising gifts to customers, which has a good publicity effect.

No matter from the perspective of environmental protection or advertising effect, I believe you must have your own choice.