What are the advantages of disposable pet juice milk tea plastic cups?

2020-05-19 18:53:03 lihaigang 3

With the rapid development of the economy, everyone's living conditions are getting better, milk tea

 drinks are becoming more and more common, by the vast number of consumers love, especially

young people love, walking in the commercial street, often can see the pet cup of young people.

Disposable pet cup, that is, made of pet cup, pet cup belongs to a plastic cup, pet cup is mainly

used to fill fruit juice and other beverages, then disposable pet cup in the end what advantages

can make everyone so keen to use them?

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Pet molecular high symmetry, with a certain degree of crystallization tendency, so has a high milkbreaking

and hidden. Pet has very good electronic optical performance and resistance to aging, amorphous pet has

 excellent electronic optical compatibility. Is a disposable cup inside the high-grade raw materials. However,

 due to the raw materials and production and manufacturing costs of the problem, the application is not

very wide.

One-time pet cup advantage:

1. Has excellent mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other films, good foldability.

 2. Oil-resistant, fat-resistant, dilute acid- and alkali-resistant, resistant to the vast majority of solvents.

 3. Has excellent high temperature and low temperature performance, and high and low temperature has

 little effect on the performance of its machinery and equipment.

 4. The gas and water vapor share is low, that is, has excellent resistance gas, water, oil and odor

performance.  5. High transparency, can block ultraviolet rays, good gloss.

 6. Non-toxic, tasteless, environmental health safety, can be immediately used in food packaging.  

The above is about the one-time pet milk teacup has the advantages, for disposable pet milk cup do

you have more understanding? If you have a one-time pet milk cup customization requirement,