How is Taiwan milk tea popular? Disposable plastic cup is also for

2020-05-19 19:26:30 lihaigang 2

It's not because of the milk tea that brother Jay held in his hand all day

Just to make a joke, we all know that brother Jielun loves milk tea deeply, but the popularity of milk tea in Taiwan happened long before he held it in his hand, and the styles of disposable milk tea cups are also diverse.

Hong Kong style milk tea was introduced into Taiwan, and then foreign tea varieties were introduced into Taiwan. Taiwan's tea and tea market developed on a large scale. The rapid development of tea has led to a new economic industry: milk tea economy.

We know that the classic of Taiwan milk tea is also the old generation of milk tea industry, pearl milk tea. It's famous all over the world, and there's also a shop called chunshuitang.

This is a cold tea shop famous in Japan and Taiwan at that time. They subverted the traditional practice of milk tea, and added the local characteristic snack, Fanyuan, to it, which successfully created a new trend of cold tea. This special drink is loved by the people and spread rapidly. In a short time, it ushered in its own milk tea era. The quality requirements for disposable plastic cups and paper cups are getting higher and higher, from low hardness to more and more hard.

The popularity of pearl milk tea has undoubtedly aroused the restless hearts of traders, and then it has derived Boba milk tea, white pearl milk tea, etc., which has led to the emergence of a large number of plastic cups, paper cups and straw factories in the upstream.