plastic cup coding details

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PET plastic cup coding details

 "01" - Pet (polyethylene terephthalate)

Mineral water bottles and soda bottles are all made of this kind of material. It has the forming characteristics of high permeability, good toughness and good hardness. Compared with PP cup, pet plastic cup has the characteristics of transparency, good hardness and better toughness than PS cup. This kind of material is resistant to temperature up to 70 ℃, suitable for warm drink or frozen drink.

 "02" - HDPE (high density polyethylene)

 Plastic containers for cleaning products and bath products, and plastic packaging bags used in current department stores and department stores are mostly made of such materials, which can withstand 110 ℃ high temperature. Plastic packaging bags used to mark food can be used to hold food.

 "03" - PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

 According to the introduction, the toxic and harmful substances easily formed by the plastic products of such materials come from two aspects: one is the monomolecular vinyl chloride not completely polymerized in the production process, the other is the harmful substances in the plasticizer. These two chemicals are easy to separate out when encountering high temperature and grease, and toxic substances are very easy to cause cancer after entering the body with food materials. At present, this kind of utensils have been less used as packaging food for a long time. If in use, do not let it be heated.

 "04" - LDPE (low density polyethylene)

 Fresh keeping bags, plastic films, etc. are all of these materials. The temperature resistance is not high. Generally, the qualified PE fresh-keeping bags will be hot dissolved when the temperature exceeds 110 ℃, leaving some plastic preparations that the body cannot decompose.

 "05" -- PP (polypropylene)

 Microwave lunch box is made of this kind of material, resistant to 130 ℃ high temperature. It is the only plastic box that can be put into microwave oven, and can be reused after careful cleaning.

 "06" - PS (polystyrene)

 It is used as the material for making bowl packed instant noodles box and foaming fast food box. It is also resistant to high temperature and cold, but it can not be put into microwave oven to prevent the release of chemicals due to high temperature.

 "07" -- PC and other categories

 PC is a kind of material used in large quantities, especially used to make milk bottles, space cups, etc. it is controversial because of its BPA. Experts believe that in theory, as long as bisphenol A is 100% converted into plastic structure in the process of making PC, it means that there is no bisphenol A in products, let alone release it. However, if a small amount of BPA is not converted into the plastic structure of PC, it will be released into food or drink. Therefore, special attention should be paid when using this plastic container.