Food grade PET plastic bottle

2020-05-31 20:25:33 lihaigang 2

Pet is the abbreviation of polyphylene terephthalate,It is widely used in packaging bottles of food, beverage, seasoning and cosmetics.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic food bottles:

1. Advantages: low cost, not easy to crack, non-toxic at room temperature, can be used at ease.

2. Disadvantages: it is not resistant to high temperature. Under the condition of high temperature heating, it will not only deform and melt, but also release toxic substances. Long term use will affect health. Do not use boiling water in plastic bottle or put it into microwave oven for heating. Before heating, make sure whether the material used in the bottle can withstand high temperature.

All plastic bottles are marked with materials at the bottom of the bottle. Follow up with different materials to determine whether they can be reused, hot food or heated.

PET bottle

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When the temperature reaches about 70 ℃, it will deform and release harmful substances; at the same time, it may decompose toxic substances after 10 months of storage. It is often used in mineral water bottles, cola soda bottles and other beverage bottles. So PET plastic bottle is not suitable for reuse, not to mention hot water drinking.