You bought a cup of milk tea with exquisite packaging on the street. How do you deal with the plastic milk tea cup with exquisite packaging after drinking it?

2020-06-03 16:04:31 lihaigang 2

A: After drinking the delicate milk tea, throw the plastic cup into the garbage can

B: After drinking the delicate milk tea, take the plastic cup home to wash it and drink it as a cold cup

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The design of disposable cup is to make people use the cup without repetition. From the perspective of cost saving, the quality of disposable cup was poor many years ago, but now the disposable cup has been made very beautiful and can be taken back for reuse. I think it's a disposable PP injection cup. Generally, the cost of disposable injection cup is a few yuan, But how much is milk tea for at this time? In fact, when I encounter a disposable plastic cup that is so delicate that I can't give up, I usually take it back for flower arrangement.

As the owner of a milk tea shop, ~ you can fully understand your mood, ~ for drinks, now it's not just easy to drink, because this is too low-level, really for consumers, this drink is not only a drink, but also their recognition of a kind of beauty, Today's cups are all made of injection molded cups, double-layer paper cups, PET bottles, It's a kind of weird look, and it's also a kind of bluff. In fact, the Starbucks cup is a disposable cup at the beginning of design. Even if it looks good, it's a disposable cup. So, although the cup looks good, don't use it for many times~

Some of them are very good-looking. The lid can be unscrewed. I usually wash them clean. Next, I put grains and other things. The plastic sealed ones can be used to make pen holders or put some small pieces. Some milk tea cups are really thick. It's a pity to throw them away!