What's important about coffee cup printing?

2020-06-06 11:51:14 lihaigang 0

At present, coffee milk tea paper cup printing company vigorously develops new printing ink which is in line with environmental protection application, such as water-based ink and UV ink. Water-based ink is a kind of environmental friendly paper cup printing raw material recognized by the whole country. Because water is a polar substance, according to the characteristics of polar material and polar body, water-based ink does not contain or contains a small amount of organic solvent. Therefore, the main feature of water-based ink is to reduce VOC emissions, thus avoiding the pollution of volatile inorganic substances, improving the printing operation and benefiting the human body Healthy.

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It can completely eliminate the harm of some poisonous and harmful energy in the solvent ink to human body and the purification of milk tea paper cup packaging products. It is especially suitable for packaging and printing products with strict hygiene requirements for food, drinks, drugs, toys and other health premises. In addition, it can also reduce the fire hazards caused by static electricity and flammable solvents, and reduce the residual solvent smell on the appearance of printed matter. At the same time, the development of water-based singing. The city of film covering and oil glazing causes great harm to the environment, while the diluent used for water glazing is non-toxic, tasteless and non contaminated water. From the aspect of care for the situation and human health, the foundation of water-based glazing is undoubtedly superior.

We can handle waste gas and waste with environmental protection technology. In this paper, we collect all kinds of products produced in the process of milk tea paper cup printing, recycle and manipulate the valuable products such as paper, and dispose the body of film, plastic film, etc. which is difficult to reduce and express the difficult situation. The garbage collection station is responsible for the aging treatment or sanitary landfill. At this stage, due to workmanship and other reasons, various infectious printing materials have to be used. The harmless and toxic gases produced in the application process may be treated by suction adsorption, recovery, catalytic extinction of the device, etc., which will reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the task, increase the killing of human body, and reduce the transmission of harmless gases to the environment Dye.