Is Chinese milk tea beverage popular in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, America, Australia, Vietnam?

2020-06-11 17:40:35 lihaigang 1

With the rapid development of China's milk tea market, the brand grows faster and faster. In the past two years, Chinese milk tea brands have gradually gone abroad, such as happy lemon, coco, Xicha, Naixue's tea, R & B tour tea, miyue ice city, etc., and opened branches in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Australia, Vietnam, etc. In fact, coco, happy lemon and other brands have already opened stores in Japan and other places. But in recent years, with the domestic tea market heating up and the pattern changing, more and more new tea brands began to focus on overseas driven by the head brand.

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With the milk tea going abroad, the packaging material PP plastic cup of disposable milk tea has also been updated. It is not the thin soft plastic cup before, but the disposable PP plastic injection cup and the disposable pet plastic cup are popular now, which are very hard, It's very transparent. It's a high-grade cup. Hold a cup of milk tea with high beauty. Take a selfie and make friends. It's also a face-to-face thing. It's also a factor in the popularity of milk tea in China.

With the concept of "new tea drink" rooted in the hearts of domestic consumers, the competition is also increasing, more than a dozen milk tea shops in a street are everywhere.

Under the fierce competition, there are often bosses who lament that the domestic tea market pattern is gradually determined, and it is difficult for new brands to break through. Therefore, it has become the choice of some brands to shift their eyes and invest in the wider overseas market to seize new opportunities.

"Don't look down on Vietnam, it has nearly 100 million people; don't look down on Indonesia, it also has 260 million people; India, nearly 1.3 billion people, is almost the same as China. On the other hand, with the improvement of national strength and national confidence, when more Chinese culture is exported overseas, the most representative tea is in line with the trend.

Competition to upgrade the dimension: to seize the cognition of "brand" abroad

It is understood that the overseas milk tea shop competition is also very fierce, "there are also dozens of stores in a street." According to the industry.

The difference is that in foreign countries, there are few tea chain brands, which is a piece of "fat meat" valued by domestic brands. It is an important reason for domestic brands to race overseas to develop their brands and occupy overseas consumers' cognition.

Disposable plastic cup,paper cup,pp cup,PET cup,PLA cup,lid