What kind of plastic cup does Taiwan milk tea use?

2020-06-12 21:54:44 lihaigang 5

Now we have to say what can represent Taiwan. The first reaction of many people is milk tea. Taiwan milk tea has a history. When I was a child, I could see its figure on the street. My favorite is to eat pearls and soft bombs.

In recent years, Taiwan's milk tea brands have been growing rapidly. Yifang, sunrise tea ceremony and so on have branches in many countries. With the popularity of Taiwan's milk tea, the disposable packaging material of milk tea, plastic cup and paper cup are constantly updated. From the thin and soft before to the transparent and hard now, they look good in hand, and the design is exquisite, like a PP plastic now Material cup, disposable PP injection cup, disposable pet plastic cup, The former plastic cup with hardness and transparency has gone up several big steps, especially the one-time injection cup which is popular now. It can be sealed and equipped with a cover. Consumers can pack it at any time, so that they don't worry about the beverage spilling everywhere. Now the cover is leakproof, and the cover won't spill at all. The shopkeeper doesn't have to complain any more.