Advantages of plastic cup

2020-06-17 11:30:04 lihaigang 0

The plastic cup has the advantages of light material, easy to carry and not easy to scald. When choosing the plastic cup, you should choose the polypropylene cup, preferably the transparent one, so that it will not contain too many other additives and pigments, heavy metals and other harmful components. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic cup!

1. The first advantage of plastic cup is light, and the cup made of plastic is not easy to break.

2. Appearance: the disposable plastic bowl with excellent quality has luster, beautiful design and no burr.

3. The investment cost of plastic cup is high, and it has certain scale and standard. The manufacturers of plastic cup are relatively standard.

4. The plastic cup can be reused. It can be recycled, reduce the pollution to the society, and can be reused to save energy.

5. The manufacturing process of the plastic cup is to preheat, stretch and blow the plastic sheet. In this process, the plastic cup is sterilized at high temperature to kill harmful bacteria and reduce the harm to human health. Moreover, the plastic used can withstand high temperature.