Is there any caliber of the most commonly used injection drink cup

2020-06-18 11:21:33 lihaigang 1

The disposable injection drink cup is made by injection molding machine, and the injection drink cup is a disposable container used to hold drinks and tea. The places with the largest amount of disposable plastic injection drink cups are beverage shops, hot and cold drinks shops, milk tea shops in milk tea cups, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, which provide all kinds of plastic cup drinks and on-site use. So is the most commonly used one-time injection cup with that mouth? Here's Jin Yu:

1. 500ml upper diameter 95 lower diameter 57 length: 123mm weight: 15g

3. 750ml upper caliber 95 lower caliber 64 height: 164 weight: 22G

4. 360ml upper caliber 90 lower caliber 57 length: 95mm weight: 10.5G

4. 500ml upper diameter 90 lower diameter 57 length: 136mm weight: 15g

5. 700ml upper caliber 90 lower caliber 55 length: 179mm weight: 22G

6. 1000ml upper diameter 90 lower diameter 55 length: 235mm weight: 30g

Function of injection drink cups: these injection drink cups can be customized as tribute tea cups, on which can be printed with logo or pattern as well as all relevant information such as advertisement.