Advantages of customized printing plastic cup

2020-06-24 15:46:10 lihaigang 2

1. Customized printing of plastic cup is more affordable. Printing the company's trademark is better for promoting the company's brand. The good advertising effect of plastic beverage cup is naturally loved by enterprises, and many businesses come to customize it.

2. New and improved design: the cup body is very wide, the bottom is thick and does not tip over. It is suitable for use in aviation, catering, hotel, coffee shop, bar, cold drink shop, bakery and other places, or special rubber cup for yoghurt.

3. One time customized coffee plastic cup, the factory will design one of your own plastic cup wholesale according to your requirements, one-time design, until the design is satisfactory.

4. . brand advertising. Using your customized plastic cup is a means of promotion and publicity for you. Design a logo on the surface of the plastic injection cup and add your label. People will know your brand inadvertently.

5. This is the embodiment of professionalism. Drinking coffee tribute tea, using a professional plastic cup, gives the impression that this shop is very professional, this shop is very tasteful.

6. Special positioning. With a special plastic drink cup, it is also a kind of positioning for your own shop. If your shop environment is elegant and you use couple cup as coffee drink cup, wouldn't all young people go to your shop now?