• The function of customized injection cup advertisement

    1. Injection cups are usually containers for people to hold liquids. They can be used to hold tea, water, coffee, drinks, disposable milk tea cups, etc. There are many kinds of cups in the market. So

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  • What kind of plastic cup does Taiwan milk tea use?

    like a PP plastic now Material cup, disposable PP injection cup, disposable pet plastic cup, The former plastic cup with hardness and transparency has gone up several big steps, especially the one-time injection cup which is popular now. It can be sealed and equipped with a cover. Consumers can pack it at any time, so that they don't worry about the beverage spilling everywhere. Now the cover is leakproof, and the cover won't spill at all. The shopkeeper doesn't have to complain any more.

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  • What's important about coffee cup printing?

    t this stage, coffee cup printing company vigorously develops new inks which are in line with environmental protection application, such as water-based ink and UV ink. Water-based ink is a kind of environmental friendly paper cup printing raw material recognized by the whole country. Because water is a polar substance, according to the characteristics of polar material and polar body, water-based ink does not contain or contains a small amount of organic solvent. Therefore, the main feature of water-based ink is to reduce VOC emissions, thus avoiding the pollution of volatile inorganic substances, improving the printing operation and benefiting the human body Healthy.

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  • Is there an environmental protection cup that can replace the plastic cup and paper cup of milk tea?

    Is there a kind of environmental protection cup that can replace the plastic cup and paper cup of milk tea? In fact, I think those cups in milk tea shops pollute the environment. Especially in some big cities, there are many people who buy milk tea, all kinds of disposable plastic cups, which are not easy to degrade, so I want to ask you if you have a good solution?

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  • Coffee shop, milk tea shop, take out shop can attract consumers?

    With the improvement of economic conditions, consumers' choice of instant cold drinks is not only good, which coffee shop milk tea shop should attract consumers? What does the consumer experience

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  • You bought a cup of milk tea with exquisite packaging on the street. How do you deal with the plastic milk tea cup with exquisite packaging after drinking it?

    A: After drinking the delicate milk tea, throw the plastic cup into the garbage canB: After drinking the delicate milk tea, take the plastic cup home to wash it and drink it as a cold cupThe design of

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  • What are the design plans of corrugated paper cup?

    What are the design plans of corrugated paper cup?

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  • Starbucks launches biodegradable biopbs plastic cup

    Recently, Starbucks has launched a biopbs lined cup, which will debut in Starbucks stores in London, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. The company considered 12 prototypes before testing

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