• Advantages of customized printing plastic cup

    1. Customized printing of plastic cup is more affordable. Printing the company's trademark is better for promoting the company's brand. The good advertising effect of plastic beverage cup is n

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  • The function of customized injection cup advertisement

    1. Injection cups are usually containers for people to hold liquids. They can be used to hold tea, water, coffee, drinks, disposable milk tea cups, etc. There are many kinds of cups in the market. So

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  • How is China's current beverage milk tea brand in Japan?

    According to Tokyo customs statistics, the amount of potato flour used in drinks imported to Japan in 2018 was 29.28 million tons, 1.4 times of the previous year. Imports amounted to 860 million yen,

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  • Is there any caliber of the most commonly used injection drink cup

    The disposable injection drink cup is made by injection molding machine, and the injection drink cup is a disposable container used to hold drinks and tea. The places with the largest amount of dispos

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  • Advantages of plastic cup

    The plastic cup has the advantages of light material, easy to carry and not easy to scald. When choosing the plastic cup, you should choose the polypropylene cup, preferably the transparent one, so th

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  • Introduction to the characteristics of PP plastic injection cup

    PP plastic injection cup

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  • What kind of plastic cup does Taiwan milk tea use?

    like a PP plastic now Material cup, disposable PP injection cup, disposable pet plastic cup, The former plastic cup with hardness and transparency has gone up several big steps, especially the one-time injection cup which is popular now. It can be sealed and equipped with a cover. Consumers can pack it at any time, so that they don't worry about the beverage spilling everywhere. Now the cover is leakproof, and the cover won't spill at all. The shopkeeper doesn't have to complain any more.

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  • Is Chinese milk tea beverage popular in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, America, Australia, Vietnam?

    With the milk tea going abroad, the packaging material PP plastic cup of disposable milk tea has also been updated. It is not the thin soft plastic cup before, but the disposable PP plastic injection cup and the disposable pet plastic cup are popular now, which are very hard, It's very transparent. It's a high-grade cup. Hold a cup of milk tea with high beauty. Take a selfie and make friends. It's also a face-to-face thing. It's also a factor in the popularity of milk tea in China.

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